Billing Issues for Farmers with Legally Connected Renewable Energy Plants

Dear Provincial Affiliates

We are conducting a short investigation into potential billing discrepancies experienced by farmers who have renewable energy plants LEGALLY connected to the grid, particularly in relation to their billing statements from Eskom.

We have recently come across a few cases in one province where farmers have reported issues with their billing from Eskom. Specifically, these farmers have mentioned inconsistencies between the credits expected from renewable energy generation and the actual billing amounts received.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the situation, we are reaching out to all Agri SA provincial affiliates to inquire whether similar issues have been experienced in other provinces. We are particularly interested in gathering more details about these cases where possible, to investigate and act on accordingly.

If any members of your provincial affiliate have encountered such issues or are aware of farmers facing similar challenges, we would greatly appreciate your insights. Your contribution will help us identify any systemic issues or gaps in the billing process and work towards finding solutions.

Please feel free to share any relevant information or details of cases you may have encountered. Your cooperation in this inquiry is invaluable and will aid in ensuring a fair and transparent billing process for farmers across all provinces.

Kulani Siweya