8 June 2022

Join our expert panel on June 28th to explore how the digital revolution is transforming how we raise animals on the farm and in our homes.

Panelists will discuss how animals offer a wealth of subtle insights into their wellbeing. From their temperature to activity levels, this data can tell us whether they are healthy, falling ill and more.

The conversation will examine how digital technologies can synthesize and analyze quality data to help provide an unprecedented level of precision care for animals.
Expert panelists will cover topics such as:·         Innovation landscape – An overview of the predictive, monitoring and diagnostics technologies leading the ‘digital revolution’.·         Better Data for Better Health – A look at how digitization of health data alongside advances in analytics can strengthen both animal health and public health.·         Digital Tech on the Farm – See how farms are leveraging digital technologies to spot the very first signs of illness and event predict issues before they occur.·         Traceability for Sustainability – Learn where digital technologies can enable ‘farm to fork’ traceability that helps the value chain better understand how animals are raised.Attendees will leave the event with an understanding of how digital technologies are being used to discover new, earlier signs of illness, track the movement of disease outbreaks, strengthen our shared ‘One Health’ with animals, improve livestock sustainability, and more.
Carel du Marchie SarvaasExecutive Director, HealthforAnimalsTheresa BernardoIDEXX Chair in Emerging Technologies and Preventative Healthcare at University of GuelphTomas NortonProfessor at KU Leuven, Editor-in-Chief of Computers and Electronics in AgricultureLamar SteigerRanch Owner, Partner at
Dovetail Homestead LLC

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