South Africa -Weeklikse Landbou Nuusoorsig – Weekly Agriculture News Summary 26th June 2024

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 26 June 2024

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Weeklikse Afrikaanse Landbou Nuusoorsig – Die Afrikaanse/Engelse Nuus is die afgelope paar dae op AGRI NEWS NET geplaas, saam met nog ander artikels. 

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South Africa has this week requested the establishment of two panels at a meeting of the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to examine what, in South Africa’s view, are unscientific and discriminatory measures placed on citrus imported from South Africa by the European Union (EU).

These steps were taken to address the EU’s regulations on two separate plant health issues: Citrus Black Spot (CBS) and False Codling Moth (FCM). The regulations are being challenged by the South African government to protect the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people in the local citrus industry.

Suid-Afrika stuur op ’n volslae waterkrisis af en grootskaalse samewerking tussen die openbare en private sektor is al manier om te verseker dat Suid-Afrikaners nou én in die toekoms toegang tot skoon water sal hê. Kenners het op ’n waterberraad van die burgerregte-organisasie AfriForum ’n onheilspellende prentjie geskets oor hoe die toekoms vir die waterskaars Suid-Afrika en sy inwoners gaan lyk as almal nie saam ingryp om die agteruitgang van waterverskaffing op plaaslike regeringsvlak reg te stel nie.

Standard Bank forecasts the Reserve Bank will cut its benchmark interest rate twice by year’s end thanks to the outcome of last month’s elections, a move that would offer a much-needed boost to consumers and the economy. Africa’s biggest lender by assets has pencilled in the first repo rate reduction in September as consensus builds in the financial services sector that help is on the way for embattled consumers. But we expect them to be spread, with two cuts of 25bps in the second half of 2024, starting in September, and two cuts of 25bps in the first half of 2025. We had previously expected 75bps in the second half of 2024 and 25bps in the first half of 2025.

Die groot herbewapening van Europa is besig om te gebeur. Volgens die nuutste data van die Noord-Atlantiese Verdragsorganisasie sal 23 van die 32 Navo-lidlande vanjaar minstens 2% van hulle bruto binnelandse produk aan verdediging bestee. In 2018 het slegs agt lande hierdie doelwit bereik. Die Duitse minister van verdediging, Boris Pistorius, het onlangs die oë laat rek toe hy gesê het dat Duitsland binne drie jaar gereed moet wees vir oorlog. Pistorius is tans die gewildste politikus in Duitsland. Vyf jaar gelede sou Duitse militêre opbou, en tesame daarmee die toenemende gewildheid van ’n minister wat dit voorstaan, ondenkbaar gewees het. Vrese dat die oorlog in Oekraïne na die oosgrens van Navo-lidlande kan oorspoel, neem voortdurend toe.

The Black Farmers Association of South Africa (BFASA) has welcomed findings by the Competition Commission recommending that large players in the fruit and vegetable production value chain should open up the industry to black farmers, saying this would have a transformative effect on the industry.  This week the commission published the findings of its inquiry into the fresh produce market, which found that black or historically disadvantaged persons (HDP) and small and medium enterprises (SME) farmers find it difficult to sell their produce in national food produce markets (NFPMs), despite these being the least costly route. 

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The abattoir in Bela Bela, north of Johannesburg, is among only a handful in the country dedicated to game meat. Authorities say the untapped sector could create jobs and help preserve wildlife – while pleasing the palates of climate- and health-conscious meat eaters. We want to add a dimension into your dinner plate by giving you an organic game meat from the wild,” Khorommbi Matibe, the environment ministry’s biodiversity economy chief, told AFP. READ MORE 

The full impact of the 2023/24 mid-summer drought in the Southern Africa region’s maize supplies will likely show more acutely towards the end of the year and into the first quarter of 2025. In the near term, the limited maize volume some countries managed to harvest will cushion the consumers. READ MORE 

Soil texture refers to the composition of the soil in terms of the proportion of small, medium, and large particles (clay, silt, and sand, respectively) in a specific soil mass. For example, a coarse soil is a sand or loamy sand, a medium soil is a loam, silt loam, or silt, and a fine soil is a sandy clay, silty clay, or clay. READ MORE 

The milestones that the Barokologadi Communal Property Association (CPA) achieved after having the 26 000 hectares adjacent to the world famous Madikwe Game Reserve in the North-West province returned to them, bucks the widespread narrative of failed land reform programmes. It sticks out as a shining example of what can be achieved when claimant communities work in concert with like-minded partners. READ MORE 

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