Agri Limpopo is a Member driven federation of Farmer’s Associations located across Limpopo.

We aim to assist you, the farmer, by protecting, promoting and advancing the collective interests of commercial agriculture in particular and of agriculture as a whole within the province of Limpopo.

When extraordinary matters arise, we are at the forefront of troubleshooting and resolving them.

Through our affiliation with Agri SA, South Africa’s premier national Agricultural federation, we aim to influence policy and governmental interventions and programs which affect the agricultural sector both nationally and internationally, thereby ensuring that we retain and grow our global competitiveness.

Our affiliation also gives our affiliated Farmer’s Associations and you the farmer access to expert knowledge and advice on cross-cutting matters affecting the agricultural sector as a whole.

The importance of a collective, pragmatic and progressive voice for commercial agriculture is of paramount importance especially given the growing economic, social and political crises affecting the country as a whole- and indeed the world.

Through our advocacy work with Agri SA we ensured that Agriculture was classified as an essential service; that the Lockdown regulations were refined to ensure ease of business; and that you the farmer were empowered to ensure compliance with the regulatory regime.

We are here to be of service to you!



Piet Engelbrecht

082 524 8924

Vice President

Lodewyk de Jager
083 236 5870

Vice President

Fritz Marx

082 946 2333

LCoE Rural

Douw Pelser
082 820 5228

LCoE Natural

Marthinus Erasmus
072 832 7700

LCoE Labour and Development

Pieter Vorster

083 259 5511

LCoE Economics and Trade

Chris van Eck
083 334 0531


Rieker Botha


Chief Executive Officer

Deidre Carter
083 676 5426 • 082 831 9168

Administrative Manager

Naomi Excel
083 272 1998


Ellen van Niekerk
082 676 8831