AgriSA Office Minutes of the Special Master meeting

To: Provincial Affiliations
Kindly find the court-approved minutes of a meeting held earlier this year. 

The minutes confirm the difficulty the SMLT and DALRRD have in communicating with one another and detail the steps taken by the DALRRD to improve relations. The SMLT’s mandate has been extended to 2029 and confirms that the SMLT will be part of the process as part of the establishment of the Land Court. 

The court reminded parties that non-compliance with court orders would result in a contempt of court order. The appointment of a legal advisor, finalisation of the Standard Operating Procedure, and determining reasons for discrepancies in figures between the SMLT and DALRRD were given special attention. 

The next meeting will be held in June 2024. We shall continue to engage with the Land Court and SMLT to gather information where they are willing to divulge same.
Inquiries:Amy Barclay, Head, CoE