Happening in Parliament this week | 8-12 July 2024

Parliament, Sunday, 7 July 2024 – The election of office-bearers, including the National Assembly (NA) House Chairpersons and Chairpersons of Committees takes centre stage in Parliament’s programme this week. The Extended Public Committees of the NA portfolio committees will also hold mini-plenaries to deal with budget votes.

The Committee of Chairpersons of the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) is scheduled to kick off this week’s programme at 8:30 on Tuesday, followed by briefings on departmental budgets, annual performance plans, spending plans, and performances of the various departments at 10:00 in the respective NCOP Select Committees. These briefings on the departmental budgets will continue until Friday.

On Tuesday at 10:00, the NA will hold a plenary at the Cape Town City Hall to consider the election of the House Chairpersons, designate representatives of Parliament to the Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum and designate MPs of the House to serve on the Judicial Services Commission. At 12:00, the NA portfolio committees are expected to elect chairpersons and receive departmental briefings on budget votes.

Also on Tuesday at 14:00, The NCOP will convene a plenary sitting at Parliament. Among the items on the agenda are the election of the Permanent Deputy Chairperson of the NCOP, Programming Whip, House Chairpersons, and the election of members to represent the NCOP at the Pan African Parliament, the Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum, the Judicial Services Commission, Members of the Magistrate Commission, Members that will serve as trustees of the Political Office-Bearers Pension Fund, and PARMED Medical Aid Scheme Trustee Members.

On Thursday at 8:30, the NA and the NCOP will convene their respective Programme Committee meetings to plan their business, which includes, among others, consideration of the draft programmes of the respective Houses. The two Houses, having considered their programmes, will meet for a Joint Programme Committee at 9:15 on the same day to consolidate the plans for joint engagements.

From 10:00, the Extended Public Committees of the NA portfolio committees will hold mini-plenaries to deal with budget votes for various departments. Budget vote debates allow Parliament and stakeholders to formally discuss and give input on the departmental plans and budget allocations. Meaningful public participation and parliamentary oversight over budget processes increase social ownership of the budget and enhance the effective allocation of funds while reducing wasteful prioritisation.

The Constitution requires Parliament to engage actively with the budget process, in the interests of good governance and financial transparency. After all the budget votes have been debated, each House (the NA and NCOP) must vote on the budget. If the budget is approved, the Ministers can spend the money as budgeted.



10:00 – 12:30
Debate on Vote 18: Health (Good Hope Chamber)
Debate on Vote 20: Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities (M46)
Debate on Vote 35: Science and Innovation (S12A)

14:00 – 16:00
Debate on Vote 31: Employment and Labour (Good Hope Chamber)
Debate Vote 14: Statistics South Africa (M46)
Debate on Vote 27: Office of the Chief Justice (S12A)
Debate on Vote 6: International Relations and Cooperation (Good Hope Chamber)
Debate on Vote 33: Human Settlements (M46)
Debate on Vote 34: Mineral Resources and Energy (S12A)

FRIDAY, 12 JULY 2024

10:00 – 12:00
Debate on Vote 11, 7 and 12: Public Service and Administration (National School of Government and Public Service Commission (Good Hope Chamber)
Debate on Vote 4: Government Communications and Information System (M46)
Debate on Vote 41: Water and Sanitation (S12A)

14:00 – 16:00
Debate on Vote 8: National Treasury (Good Hope Chamber)
Debate on Vote 36: Small Business Development (M46)

Enquiries: Moloto Mothapo